Friday, November 5, 2010

Turn $100 into $2000. in a week.

 UPDATE: I DID IT ALL!!! I MADE FOR OVER 5 PEOPLE TODAY 2 GRAND EACH.. I made 20%off each account. Woot!!!! God I wish I knew how to get hold of Sandy...just saying lol.

 \Go here join, (its free to become a member) this link and check this out.

When you have logged in as a member on main menu click on top tab "the trading area" go to it please.
Now please Click on Indices on top tabs. 

When loaded pick any index as long as the payout is 81% that's very important, as that was is what you will get paid daily. The Money you initially fund the fund the account is $100.00 times 81% (the payout) = $181.00.   oK here we go buckle the f-up baby cause now we dance.

You made on Monday by Time your on way home stuck in traffic. You made $181.00 Tuesday those $181.00 bucks are reinvested into index. You make by 5:00 pm $327.00. Wednesday (PERSONALLY I HATE THIS DAY. I WAS RUN OVER BY A TOUR bus IN London ON Wednesday...grrrrr.) OK THE $327.00 YOU made the day before again is reinvested and by 5:00 pm you now have made $690.00. Hey I would like to say Traffic don't matter much anymore when you look at your berry,Iphone, Pad whatever screen and see $690.00 safely purring all new born and stuff. Thursday you reinvest all you made day before and by 5::00 pm...Bam  Bam $1242.00 woot! and baby it even Friday yet lmao!!!! Ok FRIDAY = You Reinvest the Prior days entire gains and by 5:00 pm. You now have on your account. $2242.00. If you need help in making this money correctly timing the right index, well I'll do it for you, but I charge 20% of whatever I make for you. Email me IF YOU WANT ME TO THIS FOR YOU.

 If you joined link like I asked you  too. Log into your account during Street hours. go to trading area click on indexes. See the green button titled call? and red button underneath it titled Put? click ON THE GREEN BUTTON THEN IN BLANK AMOUNT FILED O SPACE ENTER 100. as you enter the number look underneath number you entered.  It display the payout you will receive for investing $100.00. Enter any number you wish and you'll see the instant payout you profit.

Thats how you turn  $100.00 into $2000.00 in a weeks time.

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