Sunday, November 14, 2010

and the Winner is......

 She won me. I mean look, I have a lot to offer am brave and well I'll love you deeply, if I do love you. This sweetheart was with me for hours on phone and wow shes so incredibly sweet and loving. It was her way she spoke Spanish to me that nailed me. Hell she didn't know what she was saying. At one point she called me a green lawnmower.LOL I died loling. We had a ball the whole afternoon.We met at Starbucks, some idiot was bothering her at the counter. So I step up to the punkass and tell him to take his rat ass outside and wait for me to teach him some manners. He fled, but I stayed behind feeling like an idiot. i used to do this for Lady M whenever I felt she was disrespected. Lady M didn't like it and I well I FELT  WHAT TRASH I MUST LOOK LIKE. dont even know this girl. She introduces herself and asks if I would like some coffee.
Tell her no thanks have a date in car waiting..INGRID!!. 15 mins later Ingrid walks in and finds us in corner making out like teenagers. She yells at me, "you just lost heaven asshole" and storms out.

Considering she was my ride and date. I turn look at my new friend and boom we lunge at each other. Now am writing this post from her laptop while she takes a shower. Am at her place and Christ this honey is absolutely amazing. When we showed up later to Ring at slymar I just had to show off and my trainer knew what I was up too. He gave me a nice bull and well I danced for like 10 mins and didn't get torn up. After my session. We made love in back of the bull pen near some ducks and wow man.

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