Monday, November 15, 2010

Am a Love Addict!

 After Sweet S brought me back to my place. I was like wow. Never had so many pretty women actually want me. Naturally I figured I must have said something in my profile that was bringing them in. Then today it hit me today it was my profile bringing them in but it was my convos with them on phone making them come after me.Stacy called me tonight around 8:30 pm we hung up at 2:45 am. now shes the most dangerous of all these diamonds. See divorced women are very fine and know exactly what to say and do to enthrall you. yet Stacy is like Lady M and never married or lived with a guy for longer than 3 or so years.

See when a woman hasn't ever married or given birth she retains a girlish youngish attitude. Even though Lady wasn't in love with me she was fun to be with. Now Tracy is Jewish and just a blast to talk and wow I JUST HAVE TO MEET HER. We laughed for hours and talked lots of business of hers and mine. Now when I talk to a girl its the strangest thing they email me tons of pics as we talk. Nothing pornish but well showing figure though. This is the second time a honey with a Masters and a doctorate go for me. I'm a high school drop out as you can tell by my writing but am going for my ged this JANUARY heheh hence jetting to Spain to meet my Bull. I figure I don't want to die a high school dropout. Let my life be a reminder to my kids that fall down 7 times but get up 8.

btw On Wednesday will be 2 weeks since I moved here and left Lady M's apt. When I left I had 100 bucks in my pocket. Below is my total as of this morning.My Mom said I have found myself again. I guess shes right. Taken almost 3 years and over 30 women to finally get here again. I can make money again by just thinking it. Soon I'll be rich agin and this time Its gonna be different. This time Love and adoration of my Mate will be THE ORDER OF THE DAY. i WILL TAKE THAT lucky woman and travel all over the world and no adventure no deed for the good of all will be to small to undertake. I swore to you God to let me be your Sampson again. You have forgiven me and My Lord I will never disappoint you again. What I have I will give freely to those that have nothing. Please Father take care of my children. Let Lady M find what she seeks help Ben dearest Creator of all that lives and dies. Let me find her Lord let me love with out abandon again. I serve thee in my entirety, let my clients find Grace in their investments.

Ana texted me too while gamed Tracy. i mean Tracy is exactly my age but lmao shes like 35 in style and teasing me. I really like her alot. She said were going out next weekend. Then Sweet S texted me too asking me for more pics. I was like wtf man? I really aint much too look at and I am 49 with Grey hair. So I know now that I have changed mentally and emotionally. Although Stacy did ask me if I was over M, when I asked why she said you bring her up. Told her yea I was over her and I was like thats it.

Tracy is really into me. shes plays me well now that I think about it. Example she asked me early in our convo that she had seen my username at plenty of fish told her yea that I was flirting with a few. She asked me to send her pics of my favs,I did. We spoke for the next 5 hours. Heheh and I finally got these single women. I want Stacey she trips me out. Her talk style is like a cross between Peppermint Patty from Charlie  Brown to Merle Streep. Told her today my intentions towards her she was like ok.

Told Tracy I knew that this time I would only go for women that went 100% gaga for me.  She was like oh really, but like I told her since she was Jewish she only had to be 78% into me. She stayed quiet for like 5 seconds and then busted up like crazy. Yet Sweet S is madly hot and she surrendered herself to me twice. Ingrid called and I don't even want to hear that voice mail. Am very sad as you can tell. My best friend since i Was a kid Ben his Dad died today after a long fight with strokes and diabetes.

It was Ben who gave me the weights i LIFT DAILY. It has been Ben that when I was broke would spring feast for me at his restaurant so I would look good to my dates. My prayers and love to my only and I wouldn't WANT anybody else as my best friend. He was my best man when I got married 25 years ago. Ben TO YOU'RE DAD WE RAISE OUR HEARTS AND LOVE.

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