Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I a Sex in the City Single girls Magnet

So as you can tell I was madly sad last night its finally over shes gone.  You can imagine the drama when Lady M ran into Manami as they both freaking arrived at same time lmao man!! What are the odds. So Manami left after cops left after all shes only 28 too young for this crap. So I was like well there goes another live in girl.

So today I get a call from a new girl at plenty of See I got tied of the endless emails so I just posted my number at the dating site. 90% of women Ive been with have come from there. Shes around my age couple years younger which is madly cool with me. Not too old like last babe and no too young like Manami.

PROBLEM THO!!  Not ONE girl I've ever met on the net has worked out. Don't get me wrong you will get as much sex as you can handle at plenty of fish. I just want some deeper now. Lady M kinda broke my heart in a weird way. I want a girl that I feel great with and just happy man. That WE BOTH! wake up happy to see each other. This last  gf she was always like with this omg your still here look,yea not always,but enough that it got to me. Manami I met her and herr posse at Skinnys in NO HO and I can't keep up with 20-30 somethings anymoe o maybe when and if the old age effect from lady M wears off maybe but now? no way.

New girl is just as dangerous but slightly less that Lady M ,,hmm maybe even more. Married twice once as a kid 20's other 10 years ago.  So shes a  double edged sword, knows how to love but also knows how to violently end a relationship and another one that choose no kids in her life.

Yet she likes to travel so who knows... I like her let get what I want style she did call me soon as she saw my profile. lol

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