Friday, November 19, 2010

Am billing

Ye my crew made dough for everybody including ourselves. Nice figures.  Now am into heading to Europe full force. I could do this from any spot on earth.  10 more pounds am at the tight weight yet its the holidays and pplz get blues...yea. Am so immersed in  my work that well never done that before. Usually had a wife and kids to force you back to the land of living. Now nobody stops me. I just go on for hours. I can feel my brain cracking as I turn into something i never was before in these past 27 years of marriage. My own person. I am literally building a financial powerhouse. Soon Ill have my own white Label. I speak to tons of people now daily all across the globe. I make business deals in a snap. I show folks that trust should never be a business option but a given in order to cook deal better like olive oil sizzling. People are running to me now. I got several emails of cleints asking how to pay me.. Lol I remember chasing lawyers years ago at prestige minded law-firms to get paid for hunting down white collar criminals. Now I am being chased by customers who want to pay me.

I Monday I start to show my account and the results of my trading for my personal gain. Am going to book soon a Hilton or holiday inn and hold a crowd show and  make people rich. I'm going to be the johnny Appleseed of Money Ideas and income producing plans.  See the secret to this is so dam simple its all about America it really is. Just think on how to help in anyway the USA and you can not go wrong. This is not about you or I. Its bigger. What will you do for the USA? how will God judge when he looks down upon you and who knows asks hey what did you do to make America better for the rest of the world?

Well Dear God I will do my best to make people incredibly rich and not for materialistic gains, but rather for the layers of good they will lay upon others. I know the people that you send me will be good and generous with others. This is my Sampson like strength. Now instead of killing a 1000's of Philistines, I'll slay 1000000 of money induced worries and marriage and couple fights born in the frustration for lack of money. If you knew me you would know that is not me. I fight bulls not make people rich as far as the bulls I tend to get carried away by the majesty of the fight but only been doing it since I moved here. like 3 weeks now.

I have traders calling me now from Chicago asking me to trade for them. These people invented the options game. I can now think in milliseconds. I can see profit when the market is collapsing. If the DOW is the checkers of wall street than NASDAQ is the chess of it. You have have just a few points to be wrong less leeway than the DOW. Bah I own the bloody thing and soon bulls will kneel before me as the NASDAQ knelt today.

Below is a clients who when he started figured he would lose his money like instantly.Yet fo past week hes been withdrawing money lmao I didn't know haven billed him at all dude owes me some coin by now lol. This is awesome look at the point spread how close I can get. Thats freaking laser pinpoint bombing bay. Except for a trade where the Dow tanked. Heheh couple folks lost bout 60 bucks no biggie but it was great to see rest make out bigtime.

Donalds SS I was actually dancing as I did these trades. Rest of guys were like hey man its his shop right? lol

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