Sunday, November 14, 2010

4.5 Hours wit German honey named Ingrid :)

It just hit me that ive been getting hit daily by 2-3 gils at plenty of fish. some are just turn into missed calls others I talk with. Last nights special flavor was Tasty Stacy really funny girl again never married or kids. So that youthful style again like Lady M. Tonight as I was spread sheeting I get hit on berry that a babe at pof has favorites me on some "hot list"? I mean am getting that much attention that I have emails now forwarded to berry. See its a big deal for a guy like. As when Lady M left me,I FIGURED IN A WAY i must have been an eyesore to look at. Easier to fault yourself in some way more than to believe she wasn't in love with you.  So girls I've been talking with nightly now are dam stunning. I kinda always saw myself as a Latin Jabba the Hut?

Today milestone in my life. I remember a yea when I was first dating Lady M. I asked her at a pollo loco dinner how long it would take her to move in with a guy she said I think 2-3 years. I remember choking on my drink as I laughed and said seriously?.I moved in with her like 3 months later. I would laugh about now if the memories of her face and looks didn't hurt like a mother fucker right now.

Anyways so i GET HIT,i log in to POF check who added me as a favorite. I laugh and say no way In fact I even get a little mad thinking frucking spammer. So as am writing this huge ass go to hell lying spamming hate email I get a IM request from same username. I 'm like alright mof its so on. 4 hours later Ingrid is asking me to consider moving in with her by April if things work out and we have chemistry. I was so like floored and stunned? I though rofl Lady M would have just fallen over  f I had said the same on our first phone call.

During this time were emailing pics back and forth and it hits me this is such a lie she cant be real. I mean look shes younger than me I mean freaking beautiful, black hair totally glowing white skin and BRIGHT GREEN EYES. I mean really on fire green bright. So after an hour into all this I say on phone Doll would you mind if we webcamned to be sure we're cool with our looks. I know, but I didn't know how else to say one no way you can be this hot and or Ingrid have you seen what I look like? We webcam and I have to hold onto the sides of my seat: shes like a model.  I act as cool as I can and say, "sup gurl" she says something in German while smiling and and her green lava fired eyes squinting. I ask huh? Yea I know Mr. smooth as always.

Shes says in a throaty medium German accented English. "Your so unbearably handsome". For the first time in 26 years since I was chased by some Dallas football linemen off the field for serving one of the halfbacks during practice some legal papers. My ears just clogged up? I couldn't hear a fucking thing for like I guess 1 minute. Just this ocean like roar. Well shes throwing pics at me of her at work she started there as a forklift driver, of course shes always like surrounded by a 1000 guys, shes now the manager there 4 years now, but I am just so lost now staring at her shes asking me to pose and stuff am so laughing. We finish on phone later. I look at profile again and see all the comments she has from I guess fellow dawgs. Am like wow Up to now no woman I've  talked to has been this been so madly beautiful. I know shallow but jesus she so fucking hot. Am tripping as I go to sleep. She already text-ed me while ago pic of her in bed with her poodle chicks man.

This thanksgiving I was planning on spending it alone, but maybe not after all.

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