Friday, October 29, 2010

When u hit Clint Eastwoodness.

How do you know when you reach the zenith of your manly powers?When you decide to fuck with your enemies minds instead of their spines lmao! Dam man this hot little cashier at pavilions just gave me her number told me about some party tomorrow in BH. Totally was into her till I head her better. A Spanish accent you could saw a oak tree a hurricane with. Hey man some folks have no problem  with accents, but ex wife I was with for decades and I mean Vampire like decades. NO MORE FUCKING ACCENTS EVER!!!.

Today I was talking to my Mom have missed talking with her. Told her I missed Sandy she was like forget about her boy and move on with hotter babes. I had to hold my head while I laughed never heard my Mom say the word 'babes' LOL!

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