Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well here it is:)

You ever get so well loved that you wake up all like sexually happy? heheh.....<------.

k..heres link that made us rich and on our way to cruise, see post on blog few days ago. I don't ever give anything away after divorce nor do I give a bean about anybody else than my own ass and the woman smart enough to love me. Enjoy this link people as I charge my clients 20% on every trade.. BTW.. everyday and every other day of lovemaking after running together for a year is a good thing.

Enjoy the link people if you need help lol its 20% but example: you open a free account there I trade your $1000.00 and at end of day you made $650.00 (Like I did today.. thats why I'm also in such a happy mood)
i recieve from you 20% of the $650.00..Your trade $1000 + (you made) $650 my fee 20% = $130.

$1000 + $650.00 = $1650.00 - $130.00 = $1520 You Profit $520.00      Have a Killer Day Peeps.

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