Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So the Cops burst in

So Six Cops come in on Saturday continued from last blog post. I'm like hell if I had a dime every time I got swarmed... politely as it was, swarmed nevertheless. (All this takes place down on our apartment common area courtyard.)They sweetly asked if I minded being handcuffed while this unpleasantness was sorted out. "I replied am I under arrest?" they shook their heads surprised and said no, but that "they would feel comfortable if I was handcuffed and facing the apt hallway wall". Well maybe I  have no criminal record because I have always respected what these Angels we humans calls cops do everyday so there can be peace on the streets we whine about bout and serenity we take for granted. After all I've been around the world a bit and USA just fucking owns man. Anyways.making more coffee brb in 20 mins its now 11:25pm calif time.

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