Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sentence Passed,,,Gulp

As I turned on my PC this morning thought how It felt that for the First time in two years I was no longer in a battle for my life with ex wife. I beat her attempt to imprison me for almost one year. I "gots" more lives than a pussy..huh lol! She did her damdest, even used 2 city attorneys, but if you knew my life and who I'm and always was, you'd  know that I carry the sword of Justice on my side and fear no man-made court or law. Although I think I would have tripped if they had handed down to me a year or more in the LA Prison system,,,whew!

When Public defender said she was putting me on the stand I said babe its about time. So when the Judge read her sentence onto me I was like oh shit here it comes.... I thought about Lady M sitting behind me. We were the only ones in courtroom and my case was the last on Docket as it was has been continued for more than a year now.  Many thoughts flash in a mans head I guess before facing a prison sentence or maybe not, by the way Jail is when you spend a night incarcerated,booking,  but prison is where you go to do time, just that I even know that difference pisses the fuck out of me. In my case millions passed through whats left of my brain after 49 years of breathings Gods air.

The Judge looked at me and spoke, I froze and saw in my my minds eye a scene from some space movie where an Alien in a astronauts body looks at camera and says "some wonderful is about to happen". Keep in mind that am facing a 1-2 year Prison sentence. The Judge pronounced the Judgment and Sentence, "Guilty.. but due to mitigating factors the Court fines the defendant $500.00, case dismissed.". I turned to look at my Public Defender she was giggling, beaming reached and squeezed my hands. I thanked the Honor walked out grabbed lady M's hand. When I grabbed M's hand it was the most intense moment I ever had with a woman. I was now officially leaving a ex wife who wanted me imprisoned and now all could see, was for nothing more than soured vengeance. I fell deeply in love with M as I smiled at her and hand in hand.  We met my Public Defender outside of court, I hugged kissed my PD and she was jumping little "hops" and saying that, "I received wasn't even a slap on the wrist". Again we hugged and I kissed her on the cheeks and thanked her deeply.

Now for the first time in over 2 years am free from seeing or having to deal with my ex wife of 27 years. To any guy going through what I have. Its true that old bullshit you hear from older folks in time of deep and never-ending ordeal. "This too will Pass". I now live with a fine assed black honey, been living with her for 6 months now, I say black cause it does matter, see I'm mex yea, yea born here and chit, but a mex, ex wife is mex too born over there, and Brother you go black you never go back.  That chit is true.. I love her deeply and she loves me. This month we take off on a cruise. So yea this Sunday as write this entry I Thank God and think about my Son and Daughter and cry a little on the inside and wonder with a smile whats next.

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