Monday, October 18, 2010

My Story of Love.

We moved in about 6 months massively drunk now so what. Anyways I was in love when I first saw her. Shes a black chick from Ohio older than me mid 50's and skilled in the art of sex like no other. I was lost in her musk and bedroom ballet ways. Soon I grew to love her for the past she was so enriched with. Movie actress and now through my help an accomplished author. Lol and there's still more, but keep in mind I'm a high school dropout, yet married for 27 b yeas and raised 2 of the best kids known to mankind. Sorry an emotional moment coming on need a swig of rum brb.

So lets fast forward to Saturday morning. I have breakfast with a hot 38 year old at Denny's at sunset and gower been planning it for a week with her. Shes named Bernadette met her on plenty of fish like I met Lady M there. Later Lady M and when I return to her apt we go out for shakes at burger king giggling and tickling each other regarding tomorrows cruise. Get this man I mean get this fucking shit. After picking up pills at wallgeens she ditches me at CVS, I Mean just fucking ditches me at store. I walk outside to parking lot and and the bitch and car are gone.

Am like holy shit did she get kidnapped? so I run back to our place and my keys are on her key chain. So I ring security buzzer Lady M answers and buzzes me in. Upstairs she wont let me in and says through door shes scared of Mexicans, (shes a black chick)  and goes on to say she doesn't want to go on cruise.

I'm like WHAT THE!! then a copter hovers over building and 6 cops walk in pointing guns at me telling me not to move. FUCK. ok will write shit later am beat its late and lady M is coming over to move her crap out, have been dating Bernadette for 1 day now and Manamai just came back into my life, but there's a hottie I just met on plenty of that I really like. I give up dating any babe over 6 years age than mine. I prefer younger. Its more fun and the girl is happier.

Continued on next post. what a life man thats why I blog. How else could I possibly track all the weird shit I live and survive.

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