Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is it her Butt or face o' both?

A friend asked me today if I could go back to her after calling the cops on me and considering she had a hell of a ass. I mean the video kind you see on hip hop all black, bubbly and smooth. I told Denise no way girl. See I was married for a 1000 years sex is only a small part of a relationship. Throw in some kids and sex becomes a thing of the past or rather a ghost of what it once meant. Yet its what we as a couple spend a lot of time tapping into or avoiding it. I love sex its makes my day lmao. I feel like somehow am passing on my genetic code. Even though my gfs can never get pregnant.operations and stuff. The young ones I wear condoms.

So when Manami tried to explain how I looked at women as sex objects I just couldn't understand her and I still don't. I mean i was once married for decades and had kids, belonged to PTA,little leagues and all that stuff. SO ITS NOT LIKE I WAS KNOWN AS A PERV OR SEX ADDICT. i WAS LIKE A TROPHY DAD AND CHIT. yet WHEN I LOOK AT A WOMEN i THINK WOW WHAT COOL TIMES WE COULD HAVE TRAVELING THE WORLD MAKING LOVE IN EVERY CITY ON EARTH. being ROMANTIC AND LOVING to EACH OTHER FOR our OWN SELF WORTH and what we mean to each other. Sorry I peck when i type so i look at keyboard not at screen and well caps key can be a problem lmao.

So yea if your a hot-tie yea baby I can be with you sexually everyday if you like as much as you like. I think I am traumatized from marriage. My ex-wife sucked at her body not to mention I weighed like 320 lbs..I weigh now 170..hehe huge ass difference. The ex-wife tipped scales at a cool 280..yikes. So it was like two rhinos fucking,unpleasant and strenuous as hell not to mention the STANK!

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