Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Invite to a Halloween Orgy?look like

This what a invite to a Halloween Orgy looks like. Lol that people actually make an invite. Before I moved in with Lady M. Used to holler to Edgar an' the fo'' would have half a dozen o' so ready for a wet and crazy org at Skinnys in NOHO ready in hour or 2. Step up to the deck bro.

Its not that Women lie,  its that Men believe them! Aww hell man its not that Lady M didn't love me of course she did, she just wasn't as love with me as I was in love with her. I tend to fall for a pretty lady like fast and hard lmao. Last night I was madly sad as I stood in front of pavilions on melrose and vine.  I say a lady pretty, but like hmm 64? started to flirt with me. I was mentally inside thinking, fuck me man, "am I like a poster child for older woman  at this freaking store"? I mean for Christs sake I just turned 49 in June. I never really considered Lady M older than me, as 5 years is nothing I thought. It would be a world of difference. So the "Senior"lady at end of flirt monologue asks if I could keep her company as she shopped.  I was like ok? In the dental hygiene aisle she turned and just fucking kissed me in the mouth, tongue and everything. I pulled her in and pushed her back a little..hehe I always act like when a girl attacks me first, act like I  want more, "but thought better of it". This time when I pushed her back, her eyes looked so sad and glazed to the well worn feeling  of rejection. I pulled her back into me, whispered "mamasita" in her ear, kissed  her long and hard while gabbing her ass with both hands. I finished kissing her after a couple minutes, told her gently as I could that my heart was recently broken and turned and left the store. She followed me out and told me she could take me on a vacation to make me happy. I was like omg not another cruise fiasco.. told her no politely and walked back to apt that am leaving from on Monday.

Later that evening am talking with Manami and wow man how I've missed talking to her. She and I use to host mad cool sex parties at my place. She'll be pissed laterz when she reads this post lmao. She hates when I write about her, but hell man am a blogger its what we sad no lives do man. Yea am like one of those sad fucks you see at girlfriend just tethered to a laptop and a hopeing for a link out that may change my life again.

So Manami sad, as shes going through a breakup too. Figure best time to do a dialogues of self pity and shit lmao. So we did. I did ask her if I was a sex addict she died laughing. Later she was seriously, you ask?

Told her how Lady M used to say all I ever talked about was money and sex. Manami was just busting up. She told me that after she met me.  I used to talk mostly about surfing and bitching about small sets with my Son,but not much about making money. She pleasantly reminded me I was kinda loaded then compared to now. but that later it just came down to convos about defending myself against ex-wife in court, sex acts, clubbing and escaping from life by getting high and orgying out. She knew I was getting mad at all the crap she was saying, as I and bathoom mirrors don't take criticism well, but Manami just busted up more and said, "well another sad ass Thanksgiving Dinner for us again". LOL!!!

A friend asked me today if I could go back to her after calling the cops on me and considering she had a hell of a ass. I mean the video kind you see on hip hop all black, bubbly and smooth. I told Denise no way girl. See I was married for a 1000 yeas sex is only a small pat of a relationship. Yet its what we as a couple spend a lot of time tapping into or avoiding it.

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