Friday, October 29, 2010

I knew a Girl once....

 The only girl I actually danced down the street for. Yea I know weird but wow man what a feeling to feel like that for a sweet girl.
I knew a girl once at least that what mortals would call her. To me she was a goddess. I took her love for granted and lost her. Once we had a argument on phone and I took a drive to her place at 150..miles an hour in a BMW I used to own. Just to crawl next to her in bed and say sorry. How gorgeous was she?. Well when I would look at her dead on face to face and she would talk to me. She would have to cover my eyes so I could focus on what she said. Its been 2 years and a 1000000's of women later. None ever looked like her, none ever whispered or purred  like her when she slept in my arms and more importantly she did love me.  Last honey I was with was a Major motion picture actress and when I dated her I figured she would be the one that would help me forget about Sandy. Not the end of the world will ever make me forget how Sandy looked like the fist day I met her. The look of surprise as we walked away from her car to mine on our first date and I bent down and kissed her on the lips like it was a movie. I have never known a smarter girl than her. Tough as nails and soft as a kitten when she hugged you.

She didn't have a mean body in her body and was a great friend and even greater lover. To Sandy I raise this cup of Coffee to you and thank God for the brief time I spent in your presence and will always bask in your smile OUT on that beach long time ago. I Love you, no I lie.  I ADORE YOU SANDRA. I would slay the Armies of Hell today Sandy if you gave me a chance at your heart again..Please

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