Sunday, October 31, 2010

I do Love Sandy after all this time.

Am just no longer going to fall for any women like I have these last two years. On Monday am trying for Sandy. If I can each at her work well I only can pray she isn't involved with another and if she isn't will I be able to reach her heart again. I have done it all now from 18 to 55 and without a doubt she was without equal. She was true to me and always looked at me with eyes glowing with love for me. Maybe am better now as far as a recent divorce. She is great. Lady M was nice but wow she has no room in her world for somebody else or hell maybe its just me she didn't like. Must be a reason she has been single for all the time I was married, but we did have fun times too. We just never really clicked like other couples do. Maybe me maybe her, no doubt both. Yesterday as I was chasing some punk ass on la cienega. I passed the place I met Sandy and I got out of the car and stood there for a few minutes and came home.

When Mom asked me all surprised why would I chase Sandy again? You suffered so much for it when you guys broke up. My answer was that exactly. For the first time since I held my kids as newborns in my arms a thousand years ago . Have I actually felt deep emotions as when I kissed Sandy.

My chances of landing Sandy? lmao man slim and none,but I always try the impossible. See I once landed in her Kingdom its time to ride out to her realm again. Will I win her heart? Nope see a Man only gets a chance at that kind of  dolls heart once and I had my chance and lost her.. What will I do when Sandy tells me to go fly a kite? Hmm well I figured work and save every penny I can this year as I am free from all court appearances and divorce is over and now fully vindicated. I feel all that's left is go back to Italy and find where God left off scolding me and hug desperately, but lovingly that irreplaceable beauty to live with, delightfully and if lucky if so blessed to daily haggle with life's consequences, side by side.
Let Finding Love be the Order of the Day!

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