Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soon I will know my Fate

This girl has for almost 7 months let me live with her. She has literally sexed me out daily be it oral or inside he goodness. I have fallen in love with her. So tomorrow I save her 401 and had it rolled into a IRA Money market account and buying some stock Starbucks and Kraft's food she should be about a few grand richer by Friday.

 I intend to ask her after she gets money if she wants me to stay or not, if she says no I will not love her less ,but I will will fly out to Italy by Monday. See I'm finally free from my ex wife and all her court maneuvers to jail me. The Judge last week told me literally, "go my friend you are a Mans man". Goodbye my children I'll be in Rome if you need me. I take my place amongst my Order and kids I sent you my pictures of my Knighthood dress this week via blackberry. I love you little Monkeys but its time I take my place among my kind and when I knell before the Pope I will ask his payers of love and parenting for you babies. I am ready my Lord thy Will be Done.

To every Muslim on this Earth know that my kind will not rest until we have destroyed you. On the Grave of Saint Pete I have sworn this as thousands of my Holy Order have done for Centuries before me. It rocks not to be able to die.

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