Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Please let the Cat Out.

Ok all!! If you followed my emailed newsletter you all invested about 5k in Starbucks, hold onto you shares here comes the ride now. After this we move onto Plan B. You paid your investment management fees and I am grateful for them, now share in my vision. Like I promised you I would make you rich, so be it written so be it done. If others want into this last slice before I take off on a 5 day cruise with Lady M on October email me now.

Keep in mind in November we do a huge ass covered call on Plan B that's like a 48% return on your money and that's guaranteed btw.  Do not forget I make 10% on everything you make. Have a great week all. Am now helping Lady M get her book published as a hardcover. Please get book below before emailing or calling  me, as my threshold for folks that dont even know what a share is nearing its end.

Trading For Dummies

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