Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now I can leave to Italy.

 Dear Robby I write this so a record exisits of what I did and who I became and still am turning into. Please know this my Son when it comes down to a Woman always be in control and never believe "her" more than yourself. You're Mom, my now defeated ex wife of 30 years, was RIGHT. I planned this victory and self defense about a few years ago. One of those plans you fantasize as you cruise on the seas as we did my Son

Boy all those time you and your Sister would see me on ships balcony lol we had lots of Fun huh kid lol. Well anyways sometimes as you would play with your little friends on ship. Your mind wanders as mine did. Your Mom would usually be shopping on ship your sister who knows what she was doing on other side of ship. Yet on the last cruise, I think it was right off Sicily and stayed with me especially around south of France. It finally hit me as it sunk into your Mom at Paris right under the Eiffel tower.

Our Marriage was over. So lets fast forwad my Prince to now and why your Mom was finally defeated. I had won the War. she HAD LOST HER CHANCE TO SEND ME TO prison OR WHATEVER SHE PLANNED. kid I CAN ONLY WONDER AT WHAT I KNOW THAT SHE SO DESPOTICALLY WANTS ME TO DISAPPEAR BE IT IN prison OR DEATH,BUT IT MUST BE ONE hell of a kernel of knowledge I posses.

So the facts are and where this: On July 4 2009, ex wife called me and said she had some light kind of one night stand with Jimmy about 30 years ago.. LOL MAN! Now Jimmy back then was tying to hook up with my MOM and they eventually did. LOL these folks are like 59 and 69 now lmao!! So I tell the ex wife on phone, ok" I'll bite so what you want? After all I had just finished 2 months prior to her call, filling for divorce after 30 years of a 24/7 marriage and well 2 grown kids and lifetime later it was finally over. So on July 5th I jokingly tell Jimmy what ex wife had told me the day before. I figured it would laugh it away or make his usual satirical, but sometimes very funny remarks. Instead he wigged out as my Mom as in same room. It dawned on me what ex had said was true. I guess to some degree, after all I wasn't there and your mom is not to believed every word she speaks.

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