Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glad the Anti Muslim thing is over.

Truth is, us Catholics are probably the most dangerous faith ever to walk on this Earth. When I read last night that the biggest Islamic org was going to print up something like 2 million Korans under the Learn don't burn Initiative. I was so fucking proud of my fellow Muslim Americans. I'm Spanish,or Mexican depending what side of the train tracks you come from and naturally a Roman Catholic. So I was goddamn proud to see American balls take over my Muslim Bros with the go ahead "burn em we make more". I was just laughing out of happiness and joy. Something about America that takes what used to be part of your country s origin "DNA" and transforms it into something wonderful and so full of courage and good strength.

Well Brother Moe, anybody harass your sweet ass you just email me and I'll be all over them like bees on honey. How you practice your faith is your biz and Gods, not mine. All I care about is the dam same thing you do..making a couple of bucks and staying away from the law and I guess being good to our fellow man.

This September 11th lets remember our fallen friends and family members, really give thanks to God and pray that he guides our President and all World leaders into a better dawn for Mankind. Please give a few coins to a homeless person when you see them.
Drive safely .

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