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101 Twitter Resources

Am checking all of them see if they all are current will do my best to keep them updated.If you HAVE NEW ONES please post in comment section and I will add to list.

101 Twitter Resources (taken from, heheh. from

It seems like every day I see more and more being written about Twitter. I have to admit that I don’t really get the fascination with micro blogging, but it’s becoming more and more common, and many bloggers find the services to be extremely useful for connecting with their audience. With all of the information that I’ve been seeing on Twitter, I decided to put together this collection of resources.
Getting Started:
The Big Juicy Twitter Guide – An in-depth look at Twitter.
Twictionary – A dictionary for Twitter.
TwitDir – Another Twitter directory.
The Twitter Blog – Follow their official blog.

Explore Twitter – Learn more about Twitter.
Interacting with Friends:
FriendFeed – Discover what your friends are sharing.
Twitter Karma – View your friends.
TweetWheel – Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other.
Who Should I Follow? – Twitter Friend Recommendations.
Intwition – What’s being linked to on Twitter?
CrowdStatus – Create a crowd.
My Tweeple – Manage your following and followers.
GroupTweet – Group message broadcasting for Twitter.
Twitter 100 – See your followers at a glance.
Quotably – Follow Twitter conversations.
TwitterLocal – Follow tweets from a certain area.
TwitterVerse – What is Twitter doing lately?
Twemes – Twitter memes.
Tweetmeme – Twitter meme.
TwitterWho – Batch people search.
Protecting Yourself:
The Twitter Blacklist – Identify the spammers.
Twitter Twerp Scan – Find users who are following too many people in attempt to get followers.
Twitter Snooze – Hit the snooze button on your verbose friends.
Socialthing – Get your digital life together.
Twittercal – Tweet your Google calendar.
Twitter Digest – Read updates in a more manageable fashion.
Twitku – Read posts on Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce.
Twitter Timer – Set an alarm for things you need to remember. – Send links from Twitter to
Twitter Where – Subscribe to Twitter feeds around a certain geographical location.
Stats & Tracking:
TweetBurner – Track what happens with the links you share.
Twitt(url)y – Tracks what URLs Twitter users are talking about.
Twitter Charts – View the number of tweets by a user according to time of day and day of the week.
Twitstat – Real time Twitter analytics.
TweetStats – Graphin’ your stats.
TwitterBuzz – What people are linking to.
Twittermeter – Monitor word frequency.
Tweet Volume – Enter words or phrases and see how often they appear on Twitter.
Twitter Vision – A real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter.

Twitterholic – Shows popular Twitter feeds.

Summize – Search Twitter in real time.
Twitter Search – A customized search engine for Twitter.
YouTwit – Put Twitter status on Google maps.
TwittEarth – Live Twitts all over the world.
Desktop Clients:

Twhirl – A desktop client for Twitter.
Snitter – Desktop client for Mac and Windows.
Twitterific – Desktop client for Mac.
gTwitter – Desktop client for Linux.
Witty – Desktop client for Vista.
Twitteroo – Desktop client for the PC.
TwitterPod – Desktop client for Mac.
Twitux – Desktop client for Gnome.
Mobile Clients:
Twitterberry – Mobile client for Blackberry.
Email Twitter – Mobile client.
Twoble – Mobile client for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.
TwitterMail – Tweet via email.
OutTwit – Use Twitter from Outlook.

TwitterIM – Tweet via IM.
Twitter Opera Widget – Widget for Opera.
Twitter Widget – From Widgetbox.
Twadget – The Twitter Vista sidebar gadget.

TwitterFone – Send messages to Twitter with voice.

Twitter Development Talk – Google group.
Twitter Bots – Google code.
Twitter Feed – Feed your blog to Twitter.
Photos and File Sharing:
TweetPic – Share photos.
Twitxr - Share photos.
Twittershare – Share files.
SnapTweet – Send Flickr photos to Twitter.
Audio & Video:

Twiddeo – Twitter plus video.
TwitterGram – Share audio.
TwitSay – Give your Twitter account a voice.
Other Resources:
Twibler – Automatically post your new eBay listings on Twitter.
Tweet Clouds – Make word clouds from public streams.
BBC News – Get BBC headlines via Twitter.
Articles About Twitter
Twitter 101: Clarifying the Rules for Newbies – SheGeeks
Posting and Replying with Images and Links with Twitter – Etienne Teo
5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence – ProBlogger
13 Odd Ways to Use Twitter – Social Media Trader
Get Into Twitter or Get Outta Public Relations – PR Squared
Twitter Feeds Made Simple – ClickPopMedia
Video: Twitter in Plain English – Common Craft
Twitter: What’s the Point? – Newsvine
Tweeting for Companies 101 – HorsePigCow
How to Use Twitter to Build Brand Integrity – Marketing Vox
Twitter and Business: The Conclusion – Business and Blogging
How We Use Twitter for Journalism – ReadWriteWeb
10 Things Twitter Users Should Not Do – Valley Wag
Twitter Hashtags and Groups – American Pai
8 Awesome Firefox Plugins for Twitter – Mashable
10 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Social News Profile – ReadWriteWeb
Copyright and Twitter – Blog Herald
My Essential Twitter Tools –
Twitter Can Be Liberated – Here’s How – TechCrunch
Twitter May Not Have to Worry About Uptime Anymore – TechCrunch
RFC: OpenTweets – Why is MicroBlogging Centralized? – Scott Hanselman
Why Decentralizing Twitter is so Important –
Decentralized Twitter’s Time Has Come –
Home Tweet Home: Energy-Savvy House Broadcasts on Twitter –
If you’re a Twitter user feel free to leave your username or a link to your profile below. Mine is stevensnell.

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