Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wow shes so regal

Today Baby took me to her law firm picnic. Wow man see I follow lawyers like other dudes follow sports heroes. To me lawyers are heroes in fact more. They are the profession that gave us our freedom. My daughter soon will be one and I hope my Son does the same. As I sat there watching my baby talk I was so turned on by her way. Shes so fucking fine it blows me the fuck away. When we got home yea I locked that down big time. Shes purring away right now and to tell you the truth I adore her intensely Am meeting her parents in September and yea I 'm asking her daddy for her Hand. I love you M your my world and Ill do anything for you. When I came to you I was crushed and destroyed. Everybody women and man alike was out to destroy me anyway they could. You took me in and nursed me back to health. Now I stand tall strong and ready to build us a life,but first baby I'm going to teach a lesson to those that tried to kill me. Like movie judge Roy Bean with Paul Newman. I 'm now going back to the Catina where the mother fuckers shot me and left me for dead..

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