Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well I walked out on her yesterday and basically I won't be going back. I knew it would hurt but getting cheated on hurts more. When she took her 5 day "vacation" with her sisters in April, I trold her it would never be the same when she got back. It wasn't and neither was I. Have caught her joining dating sites and stuff and am too young and happy to check up on a woman that doesn't want to commit to a man or probably I aint the guy. and wants to have her cake and eat it too.. Thats why I left her yesterday. If I wanted to have separate lives I could have stayed with my Ex-wife and enjoyed the income I finally had gotten us. Instead I sit here in a hotel ready to do this over again. Lmao last night as we spoke for no doubt the last time, she said, and heres a new one I hadn't heard before. She said, "lets be business partners, but not in a personal relationship".

I found that flattering in a weird way, that she admired my business acumen. Yet I know her a little better now and she would have pounce on me the minute big money came in. I don't need that validation anymore.
With all that's happened I think its better I leave my State and try someplace new. I'm ready for Italy now..heheh

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