Monday, August 30, 2010

Well I told the Girlfriend some shit and...

Its been now 3 weeks since she was fired. So I told her today baby you need to fuck em over and liberate yourself. So how do you liberate yourself from a job that you had for over 10 years? Well you don't, it takes time, BUT!!! You send a picture a photo to the cunt that fired you. Of you and your boyfriend on a cruise ship on a balcony in your "we just fucked for past 9 hours bathrobes. LOL!!!!!!!!! Works for me LMAO!!! Who the fuck am I? Hmm, I'm the dude that gets away with MURDER every fucking time. I'.\m the guy that made 40 thousand a month for six years, but was a high school dropout cause I didn't want hand my Mom the satisfaction of having the first Son of a  wetback from my family to receive a high school diploma. Like I told her day I walked out of high school, Sorry Doll but you should have thought about this day when you cheated on my dad with so many lovers, later I was to find out my dad was no different of a scumbag. Thats why I never cheated on my ex wife. Now my kids are in college and daughter will be taking Bar exam next year :)

So yea I'll drop you like a goddam bad habit don't give qa flying fuck you  be a man or woman, strike a child in front of me and I guarantee you that you will hit that floor unconscious. So am taking Lady M on a 3 day cruise am booking it now after this post. Since she met me she published a book, got it copyrighted and I set her up with a website o advertise it. Yea she lost her jib even though it wasn't cause of me. I know I changed her at work. I'm fun to be with as I know no limits to what one can dream and aspire to be. I make the impossible, possible.  I raise my mouse and click to all the wondrous and disastrous surprises life holds.

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