Saturday, August 7, 2010

My GF got fired yesterday.

For almost 6 years shes worked as a word processor at a firm. So yea she was madly depressed. This morning as she fell asleep after staying up for more than 16 hours. I told her she would no longer work for anybody else. She will work with me from now on. Funny thing I was married 27 years and operated a successful business with my ex wife 24/7. We were process servers and enjoyed hunting millionaires,superstars and captains of industry down to serve them life altering legal documents. Now as I takeoff on another relationship of a lifetime. I marvel that this pretty lady, so sweet and kindhearted worked at a premier law firm, in fact one that used to be a client of mine years ago. Like I told her together we will be very well off and considering there is no children and all the financial responsibility they offer, well I couldn't be happier. Kids are ok hell I got two of them, 22 year old daughter and 17 year old son.  See I am now officially done chasing honeys down especially ones half my age lol. Am settling down now. I love this girl and everyday I wake up next to her by my side. It makes my day and I get so happy to see her.

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