Friday, August 20, 2010

Love wins again.

So I had broken up with girl I had lived with for past 6 months. As I sat there in Hotel wondering what do next. I was like aww hell have old gfs calling me as if somehow they had found out though some crystal ball that I was available again. The truth I wasn't. I had fallen in love with this women and I was suffering terribly over. When I got the call. The caller introduced himself as Mr. Wise. What I write next is boring to you the reader, but this blog is being written for my adult kids 22 and 17. He went on to tll me that my ex-wife was seeking a restraining order against me on Tuesday. I was hmm ok? Since I had just broken up with my girlfriend I really was stunned how it was coming at me.

My girlfriend would call me at hotel crying that I had abandoned her and since she just had lost her job the week before she would add that it looked really bad that I would leave her. The truth was she knew why I had left and I was not going to change my way for anybody. After all, after 30 years of marriage. I t was going to be my way from now on more that she had never been married or lived with a guy for no longer than 3 three yeas lmao 3 years. Yet I knew that I was totally in love with her and as I sat there in that hotel room crying and feeling my soul melt away that cunt of a ex wife had that dude call me to tell me about tro date on Tuesday.I decided right there that on Monday I would go back to my Girl friend and well have understand me or I would leave forever to some other things.

So I showed up on Monday got into gated unit after all locks and pleas of the dammed mean nothing to a  cold blooded son of a bitch like me.  I knocked on her door and she answered well we both cried and took each other into as and felll in love all over again.

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