Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How do you smash an Ex-wife?

Like my girlfriend said, "you give her the rope, she'll hang herself". My Girl was right.

It must suck to lose my kind of love. The ex-wife lost again in Court last Tuesday. This was the first time I took a girlfriend to court with me. Thing is I love this:girlfriend". I mean its the most intense love I've ever known. She has the black widow sting to kill my soul before it hits the ground and yet I don't care. I rather die than live without her. In court on Tuesday the ex wife tells am and floors me with reason she has called a ex parte on me and what she wants to settle.

She starts that she will let me see my Son Robbie 17 years old, haven't seen him almost a year now and withdraw the current hearing that she has called for along with a hearing that goes down the next day. That hearing is over a year old and deals with the issue of, if I broke the restraining order against me by ex wife when I called her and specifically said on voice mail that i wanted this call recorded to warn her that an asshole was coming after her and I didn't want be blamed for it.

My public defender told me last time not to worry especially since that asshole I had warned ex wife of had been arrested and found guilty of attacking me. So before that hearing was to be continued unknown to me the following deal. I stood there and listed to my ex wife prattle on regarding her genours offer to me, to make everything go away and let me see my Son again. It was that I was to take off the or recall the permanent restraining order I had against her and give her the right to take my Son out of the USA.

Am trying to figure out how to upload the convo here to this blog so my kids can hear what a conniving cunt she is.  I have the right to record her whenever she talks to me. So I let her go on. I wait till shes done and turn to her boyfriend and her. I look at them for what seemed for a few minutes. In that time I saw her from when I met when she was thirteen and all those years that we had spent for 24 hours 7 days a week stand still and finally as I glanced over to Lady M, sitting there looking like always a stunning movie star.

I turned to ex wife and told her I would always win and that she wasn't hurting me by not seeing my Son rather she was hurting my Son instead. And for the 4 hours as we waited for hearing against me. I taunted her by constantly genuinely acting that I would listen to her settlement even at one point telling her drop 50k into the mix and  I WOULD Recall the permanent restraining order against her. She didn't throw in the cash LMAO!  So when the Judge called our last name he didn't call mine for me to take my seat,but I went in anyway and stood before thr judge as well. This was the very same judge that had granted my permanent restraining order against my ex wife months ago. My ex-wife was the petitioner and I was the respondent on this days hearing.I was curious why was I here on her ex parte? what where her ground? her reasons?

APPARENTLY THE JUDGE FELT THE SAME FUCKING WAY!!!! LMAO ROFL!!! The Judge starts off with "Sorry Mrs ex bitch but you have given no reason in writing or bu witness on even by your Son on whose behalf you didn't even bother ask to appear". On why you even asked for the hearing she interrupts and says that there is no physical threat just a "mental one" The ex went on and interrupted the judge again and told him that he didn't want to come to court against his Dad. The Judge about that Point went NUCLEAR on my ex-wife  yelled at her would get up sit down and  yell  some more at and tore her to shreds, left the room and I think he spat on her on the way back to his chamber, ROFL he didn't of course ,but he might as well have.

My Girlfriend and I left the courtroom with ex wife screaming that she would see me in jail yet!! the BAILIFF HAD A COW AND STARTED TO TELL HER STUFF, WE LEFT AND yeah outside i just fucking busted up!!!! rofl even now am busting up. See my girlfriend from the get go, really couldn't wrap her brain and sexy body that I was "that guy" ya know know the dude that creepy,weird and powerfully harsh shit happens too. The dude you always hear "the story" about and shudder and thank your maker you ain't that guy. HELLO!!!

Today I reminded GF of the nightmare I had the Monday before we broke up, lol like little kids for 36 hours lmoa. Anyways in that nightmare I was running away from my ex wife and Aida he bitch of a friend OF MY EX. In the nightmare as I told my gf I was looking for her as if I had lost her somehow. That was th most I remembered of nightmare. My gf and I talked about it a bit loled over it and went on with life. 6 days later we have a mad-ass fight and I leave to a hotel. Of course we got back together faster that East and West Germans. I love her deeply and as she gently purrs while she sleeps. I watch over like a humanoid Godzilla watching and caring for  her. Creepy dream how. Been like that all my life. I get nightmares and visions of the future. For the fist time in 30 years a different woman not my ex or kids gets to see that shit follows me and that I can dream what is to become. <--makes a scary sound...LOL

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