Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can't leave now..

Was going to take up offer on interview until I got a mission this morning in mail at box. I guess that's the sign I asked God for. Once a Man Hunter, always one. Hi My Name is and I hunt Men down for a living.
I prayed specifically for a "desk job" or anything where I could be like every normal person. Show up to a job you hate, make money go home. I kinda wanted that a lot but I asked God please Greatest of Beings Creator of lightness and darkness. Send me a sign please. PO BOX emailed me this morning that I had received a assignment. I was at first really sad that this was going to be my life,but a couple of minutes ago the very reason I write this is. God did listen and send little old worthless me a sign. Of course it may not be what I really desired,but at least wow how wonderful it is to have a prayer answered with such force and clarity. Guess that's the point of this post.

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