Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Drunk so I spilleth.

Ok am good and dunk,high whatever you want to call it. I've been with this older girl maybe 6 years my senior meaning 100's os of years in girls years. My old girlfriends from the past said, "all she wanted was another person in bed to try it out the living together or more of a novelty". My girls were right. See I fell in love with this one for many reasons mostly the the wrong ones am sure. Her sex is no biggie, I've had much better form younger honeys,but this older girl I loved or thought I did. Didnt know if I fell for casue I was on the rebound from Sandy but not reaslly as AI was loving 5-9 chicks at same time. The apt manager had threated to evict me casue I was turning is aprtment complex into a "Den OF SIN" lmao HE WAS RIGHT AND I WAS. lmao!! I did it all there from 3 on one to full on orgies even the girl I lived with the girl this post is about.Once had to rescue me from the orgy I had set up that night.

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