Sunday, July 18, 2010

It nice to belong to a Babe.

We didn't make it to the beach. I was ready and even had emailed small shop for couple sticks was planning on taking baby out on swells. Instead just as I was about to wake her up she reached over hugged me,curled up knees tucked in my waist. She her rested her tiny arm on my chest, sighed and started to snore a little. My mind at that moment in time as I remember it. My brain broke and I fell in love hard. A different kind of a love like I've never known before. Later I woke up as she purred her dreams away and made us breakfast. See am old, 49 is old, but thanks for saying it ain't. Its basically half a century. LMAO wow think about 50 fucking years Bet I've outlived some TORTOISES?!! lmao.

The woman that for a fact am totally in love with has never been married or had kids. Talk about my insecurities as a Latin "macho" male". She was also a theater,movie actress. The kind that get Warner bros royalties checks. I tripped on that one man. Few days ago she broke out her glossies from different times. I was just floored. Always the wifely lawyer look or soft librarian, but one I dug more was the Appolonia look from Prince back up singers. Dam man my girls fine.

Yea am dating way out of my league, yea I know that, but I am a man enough to know she needs exactly a guy like me. I love hard and gawdamit yea I better be the most important thought you have daily as you will be mine. Shes finally getting it and I'm now getting her way too. An African American honey is exactly that man. She may be black and may make you think,"yea her people been around since 1776", but dude wake the fuck up. I dont give a crap if shes from Ohio or Italy that baby be African... hmmph be ready for a ride of a lifetime. Tell you this before I bounce.

Am Hispanic and have dated Latinas that make your guts swell with macho pride from them letting you order their dinner to them pushing your shopping cart for you at pavilions. Yet this girl maybe casue shes "african American" she brings out the bloodthirsty Aztec in me. She makes me feel like a total solid when we go out and when she hugs me wow. I tend to make her my wife by the same time next year. Her Sister from  Atlanta was laying on me via phone a diddly she makes about people when chilling..mad lols man just a great day!!

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