Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hey U!

Maybe you want to have a yourideablowsbutyouwantadotcom.? See I was a good boy for almost 30 years, then after the Divorce..that I filed first. Well I've been with over cough, 30 women cough, it rocks. Well boys what have I learned and Edgar my hood-wolf from South Gate lemme tell ya Mister Bro.  As I launch into this post I don't give a rats ass if you can understand what I have to say..then why write it? lmao asshole it ain't for you wad. I get read by Popes and holier men than you will ever know. Their aids wait eagerly for my web-cams of the dammed confessing their sins and then paying the price for it. so please save this blogger who can't wight for shit, lmao your right.. They frowned on higher education in the salt mines but like that? I still have to say something.

If your really a Man and not some fucking shell of one born and raised in a gaw-dam mall. The head your worthless ass to a Women s battered shelter. Search for the most battered woman, shes easy to find always with 4 kids or more and usually beaten head to toe. Most likely she has a broken arm or leg. Take her aside and tell her this,"Rome has sent me to make this demon go away". She will feel your strength overwhelm her and she will tell you her story.(don"t let her children see your rage build as sobs out her cool man.).
Then ask her if she cares what happens to her Husband the father of her children. Its really fucking important you ask her that. It will make a difference on where you spend an Eternity in.

Robby my Son of Sons am totally drunk as I write this only you know that When I drink this heavy, I speak God's only language, which is the truth.  This week I battle your Mother for the Last Time. My Son I love you more than the air I  breathe and even though I no longer love your Mom as I did for almost 30 years my Son I still love and will always be grateful to her for your birth my King. Thats why I write this my Prince. Now everything you and Nikki saw in the garage will make sense.

ENOUGH!!!!! Blog Reader continue with post that God Himself guided you to read today. When she finishes her story, head out to her husband. You will meet him and God will guide your hands to his life-force.. Regardless of the outcome, look at yourself in the mirror for NO MORE then 2 hours and the reflection that will stare you down, is that of your total life some say of others lives as well. I got mostly mine.

Then you will see them and your life will change forever, as I swear on the sight that guides my sword every fortnight, so I speak what you too will see and feel.  The Wings man lmao no bitch this ain't a movie. Not some white shit all holy and that lmao!!! no Brother your wings will be on fire, for you have taken life and entry into Heaven will always be denied. All that is Human forever will see the Good you bring, but your most loved will recoil from your blood soaked touch. Does not matter that why you were born a Man. Be the strength to those that have none. When you crush a pedophiles skull,  an Angel gets her Wings.

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