Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ain't that old!!

I was at pavilions yesterday in produce section cause according to players they said you score babes in produce section lol? LMAO what the fuck is that about? I guess both like veggies and fruit? so I was just strolling sometimes I like to nab shoplifters. I just like to catch them and whisper in their ears to put it back or face being busted. Usually its kids, but I always let the homeless go. The store manager doesn't mind usually she buys me a Starbucks before I "patrol" the aisles.

As I begin to cruise for masterminds trying to steal bananas? I lock eyes with a woman say about early 50's I guess. You could just tell this babe must have been a knockout at her prime in youth. She pushed her cart right up to mine and asks me point blank, you like pussycats? I smiled back and shyly replied I like all pussies Doll. She laughed and said walk me ok? As we walked down the cat food aisle she said I reminded her of John Forsthye and I was like hurt and said the old guy from Dynasty? she laughed and told me that he was the manliest man ever and that I had a movie stars smile, lmao well that kept me interested and I walked with her..LMAO yea I aint vain at all lol. I thanked her, but decided to walk away as I don't think or feel that fucking old.
Yet I helped her pick up some cat food bags and went on my way. She later pulled up to me on the street, nice caddy and asked me If I needed a ride. Told her I like to walk. She laughed and asked if I had a marker so she could draw me a picture.

I asked her picture of what? she rolled her eyes and said please just get in.  We drove to her place right down the street from the apt with girl I live with. I saw her place full of boxes and totally felt flattered by her forwardness,but that she had said I looked John Forsthye totally threw me and after a couple kisses,told her I had to go back to my apt that girl I lived would be coming home soon. Told her how gf and I were breaking off and moving on. She was like sad and happy I guess, but it didn't matter as I was sad.  I walked back to my place she walked with me too. Later Linda kissed me on the cheek goodnight and walked back to her place.

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