Monday, June 28, 2010

It begins with a whisper..

 Want to be a successful writer? Sit down reader and learn a few things, as I have in this new virtual world. One I can make ya rich and me too in the process. Two I can make your literary dreams possible. Funny considering I'm a high school dropout, good story there but self defeating in the end or maybe not? lmao. Come friend read the madness that is my life and now prosper from it as long as I allow you access to, my life force and experience. Yea like you I have a heart that is broken and like any other of your kind.  I too have suffered irreplaceable loves and mortal losses. Yet here we sit reading from and writing to each other WEIRD HUH? Ok this is the deal what would be the point of telling you my life's past as it would seem impossible and very bullshity to a normal human or anybody that isn't familiar with my old blog the wtf blog.. So lets get down to the color of the salt, shall we.

Basically some of the stuff I'll do for you no doubt you could do it too,but why haven't you then?  Know why? I'll tell you and witness how I know you and we have never met k? Also remember this every time you get depressed that you "didn't meet" your goals, expectation or dreams that you had your being set on. "That Self-Modesty is Genius's worst enemy." I know we all have a special energy that sometimes can hit us hard from left field with its very convincing logic at that precise moment of why even try routine, "its only going to fail like everything else. Hey if your reading this than your alive and prospering. You have internet connection to read this blog post right? it aint free right?

This is what you need to do. Email me at: I'll send you my toll free number.

Setup Fee Copyright and Publishing Fee for new Client is $125.00

Call and in less than 72 hours, you'll have a copyright and a ISBN on your book,  have it Digitalized and distributed on all major book retailers(Amazon, Barnes &Noble, Wall Mart etc,.) along with a paperback or  hard-copy version of your book for sale throughout the Planet! Setup Fee Copyright and Publishing Fee for new Client is $150.00

The above  and a Commerce Website:Include a website with a paypal merchant page (makes you about $4.00 per book) includes above  and paypal interactive and or Credit Card accepting website for book is:  $275.00. includes Copyright, ISBN number, formatting your book for digital distributors and your own commerce website.

Do not be sad anymore make your book come true. Call Today
This book below, We handled Ms. Harris s purchase and obtained a Copyright we also published it for her as a Digital book that you can order here at this link or at amazon and Barnes and noble. She also is waiting to hear from a couple of publishers that have expressed interst in publishing her book as a hardcover.
People to make a dream come true..just do it!.  Ms. Harris s Book

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