Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do you have book waiting to be published ?

 This book, I helped Ms. Harris purchase and obtain a Copyright and I published it for her as a Digital book that you can get here at this link or at amazon and Barnes and noble. She also is waiting to hear from a coupler of publishers that have expressed interst in publishing her book as a hardcover.
People to make a dream come true..just do it!.  Ms. Harris s Book

Now take my hand as I today publish a a series of books have been writing for a while. Will post link to them here. The topics my books will cover are by the titles I intend to use below. Hope you enjoy and they will change your life as it did mine. For those guys that can't get laid to save their lives, hey no problems bros I have the book for you. I should know as today is day (8) eight of making love to a hot a row bro in a row, hey maybe no big deal to you guys 40 and below,  but to an old lion that THAT WAS MARRIED FOR 27 YEARS TO SAME CHICK, 2 GROWN KIDS, ( I weighed 320 lbs for about 9 years so did the ex maybe 285lbs her case. I weigh 160lbs June2010) CAUGHT HER CHEATING, DIVORCED HER two years ago and just turned 49 this month, yea its a huge fucking deal LMAO!

A tip for you unlaid bros:  Tip, treat the girl your into as the only girl alive and Son pursue her until its a yes or a no man. Explain? ok imagine and try this, it works for me. Imagine your a great and noble King. The princess that makes your heart jump ans your stomach ache, imagine shes a Country. A Nation that you want and need so badly that in your plans your empire will never be complete without her by your side ruling it together. Well a mighty Queen will not be won over ever easily so it will be an Invasion of your being to win her heart and soul to yours. If your Invasion is honestly well planned and the siege of her essence is won. The hardest part is to come. The Never-ending Conquest. Get books below and start living and making love around the clock.

Book Titles to be linked up here by Wednesday night.

  1. Lose 150 lbs in one 1 Year & 3 Months. Includes my personal number for help. You will need it.
  2. Quit Smoking with no patches or medical aids. Guaranteed. You will never smoke again.
  3. Stop Drinking alcohol (Beer, Liquor & Wine) and only drink when you want to from now on.
  4. Have Girls ask you to move in with them after 3 "Dates"
To the Men reading this post. I basically resemble your neighbors Mexican Gardner for looks purposes. Yet after I lived through the top 3 book titles, well I never was with out 3-5 girls in my "only" seeing list. I remember telling once a girlfriend who gave me attitude regarding some bullshit. Simply said,  "look baby I love ya and all that,but Darling when your leaving to go to your place. I got one landing onto my bed sometimes the bed is still warm like you left it". Shes still a girlfriend of mine. In short dudes your jobs and God mandated duties is to always be ready to die protecting your family be it only a wife or wife and kids. That's why you were born with balls to always be on the ready to defend and advance your Family's interest. So boys stand up and say hey baby that pussy and those eyes that can melt snow, biatch your ass belongs to me and you will obey! Hey it worked for me may suck cumming from you but hell give it a shot.

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