Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bring the Age on. Am Ready!

Almost two years since I divorced my wife of 27 years and left my kids hell yea their adults in early twenty's but still you see as kids. Maybe cause its my birthday this Monday I feel a little blue. Who knows what the future holds and whats going to be. Manami called me today to wish me a happy birthday, lady M was sleeping in living room. Shes in her 30s, tight little smile and smooth little body. Met her when Sandy and I broke and went off offline. Yet I'm no longer a player I guess. Used to always run with a small stable close by. At the time it made sense to have a bunch of girls that you loved and they loved ya back. Then  I began to find fault with each one or maybe I just relaized I wasn't a mormon or maybe I fell in love with Lady M.

Its been a hell of a time with Lady M. Imagine a sophisticated Cornell graduate actress and now throw in my cave man like ass into the mix. Last time when I was leaning against door she looked at me narrowed those equsite eyes and said I looked like Clint Eastwood at door. I was like inside feeling wow.

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