Friday, May 21, 2010

When a guy meets a gal

Wow man so what happens when a guy like me gets carried away by a pretty face? Well as pic shows honey with ankle bracelet. When she first spoke to me she pointed at her bracelet and said how embarrassing. LMAO man I didn't even look at her leg as I was lost in her green lagoon creamy eyes. I was like uh uh. She even came into Doc's office to check me out. I was all over it lolz man. Down to caressing her fingers a sweet goodbye as I gave her my cards and info. She said she would call and yea I believe she will. Then as I walked out to further nail her tight ass down to a faster than later date. Keep in mind shes all the waiting for her boyfriend, lmao man. i now notice the anklet and it dawns on me shes under HOUSE ARREST and being monitored. As she gets into mans car she turns real quick to look backwards at my office doors. There I stood and winked at her. As I walked back into my office I knew it would have been fun and something I would had retold my bros. Except Lady M and I had finally broken up for good and I was heavily sad.

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