Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the tuesday

Looks like I/'m heading to Sedona AZ to see grand canyon finally,. I like being an office manager to a Doctor,. Hes a cool dude and takes cares of his patients dam well,. Making pretty good coin with him and yea have enough now to head to Italy in July as my classes will finish in June,. Have gained at least 15 lbs must be at 160 something but i have it under control now,. am taking a break form lunches and dinners,. guess since i was making good coin i was treating myself a tad too much,. Bought a Toshiba laptop 900 bucks with broadband and am Happy lugging that crap around,. lmao am a huge ass flirt now,. ROFL doesn't mean I score but I just love to flirt with a pretty l;ady don't care if I get it or not its just fun to banter the hour away,. Like babe at Chinatown at dimsum restaurant,.Her name is Ying so last time I told her I want to be her Yang,.,.lmao I thought she was gonna slap me she instead just peeled out some mad lols and we both hugged,.

Never have had a Chinese babe before and hmm who knows. I have to make a marketing lan for the Doc to increase patients to his practice,.

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