Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let the Games begin

Well things didn't change with Lady M shes very sweet and probably the kindest woman ever, but shes so stubborn about the rights of love. I can no longer argue as I no longer love her that intensely than before the trip,. I make gobs of money now enough that am leaving on schedule in June or end of June to Italy...alone. I met this hottie on plenty of fish,.com that's where Ive met every girl this year and half,.Today Doc got run over lol man what a day lmao,.

I love blogging to me its a online dairy that I let the world peek at. All I ask you believe nothing, but take the posts for what they are just another fuck on the net,.Well Ive never been so fucked like that it was like being a a movie,.. We did it for over nine hours (9) hours. We only took a break for a martini lunch and a raspberry martini dinner break again at BJ's restaurant,. See way figure I always knew I was the brains behind our business of 27 years but I loved my ex wife and I knew her lust for business power,. So I bent down gave her my hand and let her run the show,. Yet it was like Donald's trumps marriage, in that I did the acquiring and she did the maintenance , an art form in itself really,. I give her credit where its due,.

Yet as I branch out to new sidelines of litigation support,. I see the light at end of tunnel and no longer is it a Train,. Making enough that have rented a car for week to make ice cold cash but to get laid across counties but the best was her,. Am seeing her again and lmao yea she has kids, sit down please,. Two daughters and a Son, 14,9 and 5 years old. LOL! You would think ok that's got to blow sexually?" Not my dear reader if they were all ceasrian,. meaning her love-cloud...yea I know..but the cloud was frozen in time. Its the way she hugs me and slips her arms with such wild but trusting abandon around my person,.So its off I go to check it but man I have never seen so many friendly women than in Oxnard,CA. Within 72 hours I made love to over 4.5...yea I know the .5 to be explained in other,. As far as weekend yea my calender be exploding with fineness,.

In fact am ready to move to Oxnard now simply the hotness of these beach honeys is like DAM!!!!!! One blond babe ran out to her Corvette to bring Ben and I her cards so we can hook up Fridays,.I was like omg shes like 28

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