Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just when you think its a lie..

Some guys a woman can tell them how it is and they just shrug their shoulders and go with it. I don't shrug, at least after divorce.  I learned that a shrug  a relationship it does not make. In other words no love exists in me. that will ever allow a woman to Lord over me now or in the future. Am heading to Italy in July nothing will stop me now. I have the money for it and if I haven't left today to explore where Ill chill, is simply I gained weight lmao 17 pounds. ROFL!! I gained it courting and making love to little honey in Oxnard,CA. she had to be the best sex I ever had. I mean we made it everywhere in hotel we even changed to better suites so we could have more places to simply FUCK!! I remember the look of horror and complicit knowledge when she discovered I wasn't acting out a fantasy or trying to impress her. I am a sex addict fucking as much possible is what I do aint what I do the best as the stacks in jacket prove otherwise.

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