Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yea I need Her

Life's boldness and might is awesome?. I'm no longer the same fucker I was as of last Sunday. Will I fall in love next time? Fuck yea how else can you know if your alive unless you make sweet,deep love to a gorgeous woman. How...??? Will Lady M and I be together after I pick her up at airport? Don't know. This is a new stepping stone on the path of life, I have to overcome. See I learned tonight that lack of privacy and lack of space are abuse. Guess since I've only known 27 years of marriage on a 27/24 basis we ran a business together as partners. So I seem to look maybe style or try to bend a relationship to one that borders on obsession..yikes...

Thats fucking creepy if you think about it,more that it took me a year and half to get at least the concept of it. To me all that a man has left is the word of honor he gives a woman. I told M I would be true to her and I was. Didn't sleep around. Yet today I spoke to old friends and made a new one. I like it when younger girls chase me. Yea my ego is tiny, but its a almost 50ish thang lmao. am 49 in June. Seville looks closer now am late by a couple months. Yet am in shape and ready for my fight there.

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