Friday, April 9, 2010

She wanted Rolaids

So I was like ok kinda late but I'll do anything for a girl I'm living with. So out I go figure I used to do rounds no different but it is. Example: In SFV you could walk for miles and not run into a soul. Here in Hollywood there's always somebody or something walking about. Tonight I s[poke to Lady M's Brother..very cool cat. He tried to do his best to gently dissuade me from his Sister and he knows her dam well. Yet I specialize in the impossible. So If I want Lady M's heart in my hands, then by the Merciful Grace of God's Will in Heaven above and the Cursed Devil drowning in Oceans of eternal fire below.  I will have her as long as she wants me.

This hood "bo" is rife with afterhour hunts, hehehe I think Daddy's gonna be happy here.

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