Monday, April 26, 2010

My Vow to Peter..BLOWS...

Yea how could it not,. I had to do it huh,. Had to reach for my 15 mins of fame even though none would ever see or know,. Now I have lost another yet irreplaceable girl,. This Vow to Peter has become nothing short of a evil curse,. I serve God with everything I have but he takes all of what matters to me the most in life,. Now in a matter of days I should have money again and gobs of it so fucking what,. It really can''t buy you what you seek,.
Last night I was supposed to chill at Ben's pad,. Instead I just stayed at her apt,. Mostly reflected on why I'm so hot headed and quick to strike. I think I have lost all compassion and belief of the individuals integrity and dumped all women the ?"all lie pile?",. What a sorrowful loss for me,. Back on the road again,.

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