Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lol Older Chicks!!!

Well who the fuck knows what happens now when I walk out my door today. Woke up this morning with a business card on my chest, card had written on it "call me" and a number on back.. Have no clue how I got back last night. All I remember is smashing a martini glass against some ugly motherfucker wanna be pimp. The card that woke up with me read,Detective Rioas.  Apparently I can't be that much in trouble as the detective left a red lipsticked kiss on card. Not to mention I woke up totally nude. Have only done that lately with Lady M. Aint bruised and everything is in intact lol.

Kind of Sad that M is coming home tomorrow was beginning to like this living alone, but aint really living though. Have no clue how this poor woman could spend her life without living with somebody or getting married Jesus man wtf?" Just a life of endless meaningless relationships. Nah man I can't do it and I guess I'm not alone. Yet we tried it and well it didn't work such is the path of love,makes twists and turns maybe a straight road for a bit but always bumpy here and there huh. Also woke up with 600 bucks on top of laptop and thing is I can't and trust me have really tried to remember where the cash came from. One of the bills is soaked in blood so go figure. Lol omg M's laptop is stained LOL SHES GONNA KILL ME!!

At this point this blog is my link to me or what the hell I've been doing for past 3 days. Had the biggest headache yesterday guess the bullet did "tap" me a bit lmao.  I hate Blackouts its really just that one big fucking gap in your mind and what happened or didn't makes one stop drinking.  I drank now twice in 4 days. Losing M did affect me bad didn't know how much until today. This morning as I stumbled about trying to remember what happened last night and who the fuck is this cop? Going to call her and GAWD let it be a woman and not a guy in drag posing as a cop..LMAO!! can you imagine that rofl am busting up. See I remember that I was walking toward my favorite punching bag pimps. Then I remember the martini glass breaking and I guess fade to black. When I woke up this morning I figured I was dead. Clearly I am not.

update: One I no longer will drink lol what a night, from what I've heard so far, I got a little nutsy. LMAO
 I called the Detec lets call her "R" from here on. Was kinda nervous and a little excited though talking to her.
The "Detective" said she took me into "protective custody" lol! last night. She said nothing happened, since I passed out when I asked her to scratch my back. I like her shes hot in every way except one. I'm still into M big-time. Same thing happened with last heart stealer lol. Same with Sandy soon as I fell for her she bounced out. "R" said my place looked nice. I told her it wasn't mine anymore and explained a bit. She got it, asked me to call her soon when I'm ready.

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