Monday, April 26, 2010


aM MADly drunk been months see am an asshole I always knew that man,. Sandy losing her HURT me like no other but Marianna losing her has sent me to the depths of hell itself,. Tonight I got shot right in forehead but as you can see by pic i fear no man no nigger with a cheap ass gun especially lmao,. I spit at gods love and grace I served you god for this?" you mother fucker God what have you ever done for me but tease me with love that never materializes you ask me to give up my soul i did you mother fucker what did you give back to me huh you fucker what did you ever do for me?" you think this outliving others while i survive is a gawdam prize how many have i sent you?"???????????????????? how many destroyers of children did i need send to feel your justice and for this i remain alone with a love by my side<> fuck you GOD JUST FUCK YOU MAN AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE AM DONE LSOING BITCHES CAUSE OF YOU,.

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