Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have to be myself

I really tried but I just can't do this anymore,। Am so sorry Lady M but I'm who I am,. Either a girl takes my hand and runs with me or she doesn't,. I'll always think of you and care for you deeply,. You with a doubt are fantastic,. but baby I need a cheerleader right now in my life,. You are lifesaver and you truly saved me from the very brink of homelessness. I truly love you for that sacrifice and loveliness from you. With ?"T" I left her with a small mess and I spent a small fortune cleaning it up,. The other day when we spoke she told me it was clean and gosh she sounded so fine,. Will never understand why I fell so dam hard for her,but Lady M I leave all the checks to you baby. What ever gets mailed to your address is you No more messes I से.

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