Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hmm I don't know

She's really nice but I just don't understand her, but as now I make a good coin. I have shown her that I what I told IS true. When I hit the road again am leaving her sitting ten times prettier financially than when I found her,. I think every man should always enrich as much as possible all ways included with every lady that he holds Dear. The very least for her sharing her heart and such a generous and wonderful spirit,. Everyday I stop by Church not a Mass as I don't have the time nor the inclination to hear a priest go on endlessly about this and that,. What God and I have is ours and I beg him daily to show my the way back to whatever I'm supposed is my Destiny,.

Soon my classes are finished and I am splitting to Europe am building and saving everything I can, as Europe is where I intend to spend rest of my Life,. I am whole and complete again,. I make good money now in a field so fucking unrelated to what I've known,. Took Lady M to Cora's on beach, Santa Monica,.m It was fun and well I guess like good friends that we will always be fun,. I look hot LMAO! Dam man I love the fuck out of life when a chick looks at me and smiles all hungrily,not flirt like, no man the look of say the word you fine mother fucker and I'll nail your cock all night,. Lmao a honey once told me that at a costco. Wow huh. Of course I don't appeal across the board to all females, lol I wish huh,. No I appeal to honeys that like that bad boy who lives onn the edge and likes to show his affection through actions and not always by words,. Yet every girl that ever has truly loved me never gave a dam about the money. Am lucky as most guys don't find that kind of sincerity often let alone almost every time.

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