Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heheh we stayed in

We didn't make it to AZ...Hey man I'll take a cruise before I pay 500 clams for a room at the grand canyon. I've seen the canyon form 30k feet and am sure it doesn't look any better up close. We decided to make a website,ebook and blog for her new book for the weekend. Which in guy terms means lots of fun web work and tons of endless sex moments. I thought that after 27 years of marriage and later a year and half of countless sexscapedes I would be all chilled out in sexworld. Yet am not. I can't get enough of the magic.  I love Lady M how could I not. I think I may have found for what I have searched for a while now. But when you get divorced you lose that forever attitude and now I may understand a little better sweethearts like T girl and other unforgettable beauties.

They could see the temporary in my actions. I'm at a more permanent phase in life now. Enjoy facing the impossible daily. I like living with a woman way past my "paylevel" so much the better payoff for me I figure. How do you know stuff as a guy when your finally kinda of there as far making love to whom ever you want. See for what seems like a lifetime I was like a Jabba the hut at least thats how I saw myself. I guess fat-ass syndrome. The past years even though I traveled worldwide I was a introvert and most anti social. Today for first time I spotted more than a dozen babes that when they would stare at me. Didn't do what we always do with others and look away. Instead they would gleam their precious eyes at me some would even squint their eyes. I would look back,smile and wink slowly. It was a great freaking time in my life. See am used to getting picked up at clubs but a FREAKING METRO????? Man have been on cloud 9 ever since this afternoon.

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