Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have saved almost enough

Ok am close really close now,. I have close to 3 thousand,. now pay Lady M about a grand and am good with her debt,. I have decided after alot of soul searching to leave in June to Italy,. even though I apologized to Lady M for telling her shit when she left for her trip,. I figure shes a big girl and doesn't need me to explain to her whats its all about,. I think shes a apt lifer and there's nothing I can do,. I truly hope she finds what shes looking for and me too for that matter,. Still my love and affection for Lady M run deep,. but those 4 days messed me up and kinda made me hard against any further heartbreak,. Came close to dying and well fuck this life here,. I just want to be working and happy that's all,. Figure in Italy I no longer have to prove anything any honey can check it herself or as I have daydreamed,. I walk by with a gorgeous Italian honey and I casually point out my name on Vatican wall! LMAO  that would so rock,.

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