Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boys, In case ya didn't know.

You be a dude and as trollish you may look, only we Men know how wondrous and a beautiful thing a "proper  Blow Job" is. Now if your new to oral sex well move on boy as this is for vets only..thanks.

Now a real Oral Jedistress?Can blow you so well and so hard that when you cum your gonna Tripp the way she swoons into a cum drunk trance..Wow man I love my girl. Now she turns to me other day and says, "wow baby you been hitting the herb a bit as you could taste the weed in the cum. Called me a "Dick-weed" as I walked away laughing my ass off to bathroom sink. So my girl can literally tell you what you been eating and now apparently what I've been smoking by the taste of my cum. She also told me that my "cum" has helped her gums and other vitamins. You can imagine both my "heads" nodding up and down total agreement looks, I' am shooting her back with. LOL OMG If you told me 2 years ago I would be running with the hottest sexiest Dame on this Earth, I would have just yawned with a yea right look.

Don't let any mother fucker tell ya that sex ain't important. Its everything for a woman. The power to change History to Herstory lies between those silky, misty, cloud like long legs...up to here..awwwwyeahhhhhhhh.  See its not about the orgasm for us guys. After all kinda of hard to fake a orgasm as a guy. So in the end we as low thick eyebrow-ed men could screw a pumpkin just purchased from the produce section of Von's and be good..Right?

Nope, see its what that sweet Lass under or on top, front or side by side its she that changes on how we feel about ourselves and how we as men look to and what looks back from a mirror. I raise my Mouse and Click to every Woman on this Planet.....<---throws and smashes mouse on fireplace and floats over to bedroom with one of those "Come Sister take my Hand, it is Time" look.

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