Friday, March 19, 2010

Upside to being a Guy? lots! lmao

What makes Lady M different from the rests and sure she like every other women out there. I mean that being like every other human being out there. A goddamn plan? if you be that lucky that you can actually believe you can plan your life. Not in my case,but wow have fallen for this Lady M. She has finally finished her manuscript and his shopping for a literary agent. Am sure it will get published as like me shes an immortal and always gets what she or he  like in my case whatever we truly want. she MAKES ME LAUGH HARD WHEN SHE pushes against me  in bed and says I have the strength of ten people but pyhsical dont loook like I could do that. Lol yea I get that alot or used from evil ones. Now I travel with Lady M and am seriouly thinking about making plans with her have to straigethen out little details like how many times I want to have sex daily,weekly and monthly...its a big number and in most humans probaly a dealbreaker but who knows lets see.

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