Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trippy mad trippy

Lol the transformation is now complete. I emerge now stronger, leaner and more humane than ever I could have thought possible. In my most weakest of Moments I never cursed God and always begged him for his favor. In my total of life I've always gotten whatever I wanted. Today I got a job in a French Restaurant as a Line Chef? When I saw add in newspapers I was like hmm, could I do French Food? Shrugged thought how different can it be from Northern Mexican or Central American food for that matter. The Head Chef asked me point blank, what I knew about making French crepes,pastries and some sauces. I told him that I didn't know one goddamn thing about making them,but since I've been to different regions of France about a dozen times,hence I knew how the Food should "TASTE". She called me in a for interview and a I guess a "lets see what you can saute grill off". Her attitude was intense when she saw me lightly brown the shallots with a tiny mix of saffron dust and lobster butter. When she asked where I gotten that sauce mix recipe from I told her from the back of a bazooka Joe Bubble gum wrapper. We became friends on the spot. Morrow I start at 6:30 am as a "Sauce Man". Rofl man

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